GameBeat Studios launches its new music licensing catalog.

Since its inception GameBeat Studios has been a "made to order" music house, and we still are, but we're excited to now also offer a selection of powerfully unique music for our clients to license.

It's not huge library by any means, but our boutique catalog is committed more to "quality" than quantity. While our catalog includes a variety of genres, it is focused on today's hottest urban and dance music trends. It's growing fast and is 100% exclusive so rest assured that you won't find this music anywhere else.

As an added and highly unique bonus, we are offering our clients custom music production services at licensing rates.  So if a clients doesn't hear the ideal musical piece for their project in our catalog, GameBeat's award-winning music production team will custom create something to their exact musical specifications for the same rate they would pay to license it. Now how cool is that?

Visit our website at to learn more or call us at (708) 283-8860.


Darryl DuncanComment